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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go with concrete over other materials?

Concrete is the strongest building material out there. A solid product, is safe, won’t develop any
sinking or potholes, and built to withstand freezing/thawing cycles from harsh Canadian climate. Along with durability, concrete also looks great and with customization, can compliment the exterior of your home for great curb appeal.


What concrete thickness do you pour at?

We pour driveways at 5 inches thick. While patios, and walkways are poured at 4 inches thick.

How strong is your concrete?

The standard concrete mix we use is 32 MPa (4600 psi). As for curing, concrete takes 7 days to achieve partial curing (vehicle traffic is okay), while full curing and strength is achieved at 28 days.

How do you reinforce your concrete?

We pour with lifted 9 gauge wire mesh throughout the slab. We also pin 15mm rebar dowels along foundations to prevent concrete from sinking along the building.

Is concrete cracking normal?

If it doesn’t crack, it isn’t concrete. Because concrete isn’t flexible, it has potential to crack during freeze/thaw conditions. This is perfectly normal and small cracks won’t compromise the concrete’s strength. We strategically place control joints (saw cuts)
within the poured slab to control cracking.

What kind of maintenance is required?

With freezing/thawing cycles, harsh melting salts in the winter being a part of Canadian Climate we recommend sealing your concrete every 1-2 years.

Do de-icing salts damage concrete?

Yes these salts can cause damage to the concrete surface, we recommend using sand
in the winters to prevent slipping, although there are concrete friendly de-icing salts out


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